My grammar skills have atrophied

Howdy Bud!

It seems my grammar sucks these days. Example: I‘d originally typed “… grammar skills suck … .” (Did I do that right with the punctuation? I have a habit of always wanting stuff in the quotation marks, but cannot for the life of me remember when the hell they go on the outside. Could I have gotten away without the ellipses and still been correct?)  My thought was that referencing grammar skills was plural, so I‘d use a singular verb thinking that the noun was “skills” and that “grammar” described the noun so it was a noun adjunct. But, then I thought, what if “grammar skills” is actually just a collective noun (like grammar)? Then it would get the singular verb. Also, I’ve fucked up typing “Anthony and I” and “Anthony and me” on almost every Facebook post.

What happened to me? I used to be certain and confident. Now, I‘m filled with doubt. I need a refresher. My verbs are weak, my tools are rusted, and I can barely type with this effin’ carpal tunnel BS.

What‘s going on? Is being sick my kryptonite? I thought at least I‘d always be able to write. My mind is mush. Even the swearing is cliched. The internet is useless. Any bozo can type the wrong answers and post them. The more I type this, the more sadness and frustration seeps into my soul. Worst post ever.


Your sister,

2 thoughts on “My grammar skills have atrophied”

  1. You know I think about my grammar all the time. In fact, as I was reading this post, those very thoughts crossed my mind. It’s exhausting, and it’s one of the reasons I hate documenting tech stuff and writing emails at work. It takes me forever to express my thoughts clearly and concisely. There’s times where I wonder if Huber may be reading what I write. It’s funny. I always fear for my teachers’ (shit, this apostrophe is a case in point) reputation more than my own, particularly the reps of Richard Greene and Michael Huber.

    Anyways, I wouldn’t sweat it. We’re showing up to our blogs and THAT’S what counts. An “A” for our effort! HOORAY!

    Thanks for participating Bud. I look forward to our blogs everyday even when I think I don’t have the time. Who da thunk I would enjoy writing??? I know I didn’t. Thanks for encouraging me Bud. It helps me more than you know.

    Love you!

  2. (Spoken in Seinfeld tone) “What’s with those ballet slippers with heels?” Hahahaha. Just being a dumb ass, wise ass. :p

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