Day 30: What have we learned Charlie Brown?

quizphotoHi there, Bud!

I had to go to Olive View-UCLA Medical to get this stupid heart monitor. I’m taped up like boxer’s hands. Hmmm. Not that funny. Taped up like a flat-chested girls cleavage? I’m taped up like a birthday present wrapped by an [insert offensive handicap]. Nope. I got nothing. Anyway, they take it off tomorrow, but I have to wear my bra until then!!! I haven’t had a job for the last 8 years, which means I maybe wear a bra a few hours a week, but today–24 hours.

Despite my posts not being as cool as I’d like them, I dug our blogging adventure.

So today is the last day of our 30-day blog challenge. What have we learned?

  1. Times sure does fly when I’m neglecting my blog.
  2. There are more Edie’s than Christy’s reading our blogs
  3. Most procrastinators aren’t likely to put off taking a procrastination quiz
  4. You, Budmeister, are Box Full of Kittens Kind of Awesome!
  5. I’m Positive!

I’m going to do the CampNano thing, but there’s no reason to stop our blogging. But let’s blog like it’s 2015. Whenever we want! I’ve been reading some more Ray Bradbury and in the forward of a collection of his short stories he gave advice to authors that I think works for everyone daring to do something in life.

“Jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down.”

Love you!

Your sister / Mayor of Awesome Town

1 thought on “Day 30: What have we learned Charlie Brown?”

  1. You always find the best life quotes. They match your humor and outlook which I find remarkable. Good luck with the heart monitor thingmabob. Ugh. No fun. Boo!

    Yeah, I’m down for bloggin like 2015. I’ll try to make a post today. I have the night off and I’m hoping to get my car some much needed service. Whew! It’s good to finally have some down time to myself.

    Thanks for powering through with our 30 day blog, Bud. I know it was really tough with all you got going on. Most of all thanks for your love and support. I was reflecting in my morning pages how lucky I am to have you as my sister. It sounds so corny, I know, but is true. I LOVE YOU!

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