Day 23: Wow! I almost missed it.

Howdy Bud!

I almost missed day 23, and it’s such an even I’m sure with 23 being a prime number and other cool stuff like that. Yikes! My blogging skills are rusty, but I’m showing up. That’s if you can call this pitiful post showing up.

Yesterday, as you know, we went to Venice. Overpriced food and freaks. I hope Anthony had a good time.

Your lame sister,



1 thought on “Day 23: Wow! I almost missed it.”

  1. Well, I dropped the ball and missed commenting on day 23’s post. Sorry Bud!!! I like “overpriced food and freaks,” and I don’t mean I like overpriced food and freaks, but those words strung together. It sounds like some kind of LA documentary or expose article of some kind. I’d watch or read that. Your Venice pics turned out great! You shoulda posted ’em here. 🙂

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