Dear Budmeister*,

I present you with my masterpiece, Christy’s Comic. Be happy I’m not living with you anymore, because I would have forced you into being in this premier issue. Isn’t David lucky to be my future husband! So few people would understand that unique excitement of living with me and being coerced into participating in my art but you, Bud.

You’re not off the hook. I have a 30-Day free trial to this app, and you can’t avoid me all month. Tell Mom to practice expressions in the mirror. She can’t avoid me either. I bet our brother is happy he lives in Florida.



Writer / Future Millionaire / Mayor of Awesome Town

Christys Comic

*If anyone is else besides my sister is reading this please note: “Budmeister” is not a marijuana reference. It’s just a nickname, and it’s not that interesting of a story.

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