Month: June 2015

Being Positive

My radioactive spider bite had a occlusion of 11mm. So I’m positive! They’re going to do some chest x-rays. Don’t worry my super powers of extended sleepiness and achy joints aren’t contagious. I don’t have a cough . Woo-hoo. Two things to be positive about. 🙂 Better stuff later.

So lame

Howdy Bud! I’m so lame. I slept from 7pm until 7am after my doctor appointments. They gave me TB test and a tetanus shot. Boo! Of course, more tests, eight follow up appointments over the next three months. Weee. I’ll do a better blog tomorrow. Say hi to Anthony for me. Love, Christy

Hello darkness my old friend …

Howdy Bud! I’m feeling way down, but like I told you the other week, it’ll go away. You know, just like the joy and happiness I once had. Everything has a season. 🙂 This too shall pass, and all that other bullshit. Two doctor’s appointments today. Wish me luck! Love you, Christy